Accpac is a collection of accounting, CRM, ERP and business management software. This collection of solutions primarily targets small and mid-sized businesses. Recently Accpac became part of The Sage Group.

Accpac contains the following product lines:

   * Sage Accpac ERP
   * Sage Pro ERP
   * Sage Business Vision

Accpac supports the following components:

   * Sage Accpac CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
   * Accpac HR Series (Human Resources)
   * Sage Accpac WMS (Warehouse Management System)
   * Sage Accpac Exchange (Electronic Data Interchange)
   * Accpac eTransact (Online Webstore)
   * Sage Accpac ePOS (Retail Point of Sale)
   * Sage Accpac Insight (Business Intelligence & Analysis)
   * Accpac CFO (Financial Analysis)
   * Sage Accpac Hosted Services (Remote Hosting Facilities)
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