BatchMaster ERP is BatchMaster Software’s integrated ERP application suite for formula/recipe based process manufacturing industries like food & beverage, paint & coating, chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical. BatchMaster ERP is a manufacturing business management solution that comes in two editions – Business Essentials and Advanced Management.

BatchMaster ERP Business Essentials Edit

This edition consists of the basic core modules and it is designed for companies that are going to be deploying an ERP system for the first time in their organization. This configuration handles all of the baseline business operations such as formulation, laboratory, production, sales, purchasing, QC and accounting. This edition consists of the following modules: Inventory Management, Formulation, Quality Control, Order Entry, Purchasing, Production, Materials Definition, Laboratory, Regulatory Compliance, Sales Order Management, Costing, and Capacity Planning.

BatchMaster ERP Advanced Management Edit

This edition provides all modules that are included in Business Essentials along with other capabilities. The additional facilities of this edition are production planning and scheduling, Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) and BatchMaster Mobile Warehouse Management using hand-held wireless devices. This edition consists of the following modules: Master Production Scheduling (MPS), Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), Sample Request Management (SRM), BatchMaster Alert Manager, BatchMaster Mobile Warehouse Management (use of hand-held wireless devices).

BatchMaster Add-ons Edit

BSI has developed various other software solutions like BatchMaster Mobile - a warehouse solution for wireless handheld devices, BatchMaster Electronic Data Interchange - securely exchanges business data with key participants, BatchMaster Advanced Planning & Scheduling - an online manufacturing order scheduling workbench, BatchMaster Alert Manager - for multilevel notification criteria based on complex business logic, BatchMaster Sample Request Management - a sample management tool with CRM capabilities and BatchMaster Demand Forecasting - a tool for predicting demand based on multiple sources of data.

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