CODA was founded in 1979 in Harrogate England, North of London, by Rodney Potts, and Chris Lenox. Great success in the European market made the jump to the North American market a no-brainer. Jay Wood helped CODA get started in the the US, and the North American division got off to a tremendous start. The company did an IPO in England which was initially very successful. However, inconsistent results and finicky stock markets soon drove the share price down quickly and caused a management shake up. They were purchased by Baan in February of 1998 for $87M, when Baan was looking to raise the profile of its financial applications offerings. When Baan ran into troubles of its own, it sold Coda off to Science Systems in Februay of 2000. Science Systems and Coda had a long partnership relationship dating back to 1989. Purchase price was $50M.

In September of 2006, Coda and Science Systems did a demerger deal, and Coda again became an independent, public company.

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