Daly.commerce was founded as Daly & Wolcott in 1978 by Terry Daly & John Wolcott. The company began its life as a local IBM business partner in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts. The company's original business was servicing customers who bought the IBM solutions for Manufacturing (MAPICS), and Distribution (DMAS), both running on the IBM mid-range computers (S/36, and later AS/400). First software included add-on’s to these products, including a Order Entry front-end to DMAS called OE Plus. When the company transformed into a software company, John Wolcott left the firm to co-found Systemetrics. The first full software application was A Plus, a full distribution offering, released in 1988. All of their orginal applications were developed to run on the IBM midrange platform. The A-Plus product has been adapted to run on non-IBM OS/400 platforms, and survives under Infor. Most of their 1,200 clients are still on IBM platform.

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