Infinium/S2K was founded in 1981, in that golden era of the old S/36-S/38 app vendors which included JD Edwards and SSA, early 1980’s. They were always known for their Payroll and HR prowess, especially in the AS/400 world in the 1990’s. Their powerful drill down/drill around capabilities lead the industry in providing tools for deep financial analysis tools in those text based AS/400 days.

In the mid-90’s they bought a Process Manufacturing application, and tried to leverage that into a serious play as a Manufacturing software provider. They were MUCH more successful selling financial applications including Payroll and Human Resources. Some of their larger Process Manufacturing clients included Benjamin Moore Paints and Lilly Industrial Coatings.

January 1997 acquired Time Open System, a UK company that did Windows based financials and Human Resources software. This was an attempt to accelerate its run from being an AS/400 only company.

In June 1998, the Company acquired Cort Directions, which had a payroll application for Microsoft Windows

In October of 2002, SSA Global announced a definitive agreement to acquire Infinium for $95M. At the time of the acquisition, Infinium reported a base of 1,800 customers mostly in North America, in process manufacturing, hospitality/gaming, retail and healthcare. The complete portfolio of Infinium products included modules for payroll, human resources, financial management, CRM, materials management, process manufacturing, and performance management.

In May of 2006, Infor announced a definitive agreement to acquire SSA Global for $1.36B. (Source: C|NET )

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