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The company set out to do business as “Transaction Processing Integration,” (later shortened to “TRX” as a tip of the hat to data table names in processing systems Glen came to know intimately in his previous life). 

The very first steps applying TRX’s “better way” were focused on large custom jobs for clients like the Department of Defense and ValPak, with good market acceptance of both product and consulting sides of the business. It was a serendipitous meeting with Dan Beltram of Beltram Foods Group in Tampa that first caused TRX to consider specializing in solutions for the E&S industry.  As Glen tells it, “It all started with a dare.  Danny Beltram told me I couldn’t do an AutoQuotes interface; I told him I could.”

The rest, as they say, is history. TRX Enterprise™ offered food service equipment distributors a powerful new integrated suite of software that could tackle accounting, inventory, sales, purchasing, contract management, service and used equipment refurbishing.  At the heart of it all, of course, was the AutoQuotes Interface module, a huge streamlining of workflow since orders in AutoQuotes no longer needed to be rekeyed into client systems for fulfillment.  Beltram and a few other eager distributors agreed to implement TRX Enterprise™, which spurred Juliano to focus his energy entirely on the E&S industry.  After attending a few FEDA meetings and explaining TRX’s value to some of the brightest folks in food equipment, Glen knew he wanted to make a commitment not just to serve quality people in an industry he genuinely liked, but also to bring a proven set of technology tools into a unique business environment that appeared ripe for transformation.

Now ten years down the road, what began as a friendly dare has seen TRX pushing past the 50 dealer mark and counting, with implementations in 70 locations throughout the US, and representing more than 1,000 total users of TRX Enterprise™.  With their deep insights into the particularities of the industry, and a commitment to continuing to invest 100% of R&D and new features right back into food equipment exclusively, TRX continues to lead the way in offering accurate, efficient and scalable software solutions for the finest food equipment dealers.

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