WorkPLAN is a range of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software products (WorkPLAN Enterprise and MyWorkPLAN) developed by Sescoi for custom manufacturers or departments who work project-based and need specialized ERP software. The typical users of this ERP software are from the following industries: mold and die manufacturing, engineering, tooling, automotive, aerospace and defense.


The first version of the WorkPLAN ERP software was launched by Sescoi in 1992. Version 12, released in 2006, is the last version of this first system.

Sescoi started development of a new generation of WorkPLAN ERP from 2003, which it launched as two complementary products. The first of these is MyWorkPLAN, a modular ERP for project management, launched in 2006. The second one is WorkPLAN Enterprise, a full ERP software for custom manufacturers, mold and die makers and engineering departments, launched in 2008. These two products use MySQL as a database engine, and they include a redesigned user interface with a navigation tree similar to the one used in CAD systems.

Version 3 of MyWorkPLAN and WorkPLAN Enterprise was released in 2009. Both products are an officially SAP Certified Solution since the 25th of november of year 2009. MyWorkPLAN y WorkPLAN Enterprise can send and receive data from the SAP ERP. This is common in companies that use the SAP ERP at a corporate level, and at the same time they use WorkPLAN or MyWorkPLAN to manage planning, scheduling, and time entry in their engineering or production departments.

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